Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mario + Portal!

Someone is going to put two of my favourite games together and create something that I cannot wait to play. This worked out great for Super Mario Crossover (in which you could play Super Mario Bros using other classic NES characters).

This just speaks to how timeless and amazing Super Mario Bros for the NES is and how easily adaptable and universal its appeal is.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Favourite ability from a video game: Scorpion's Spear

I am not much of a fighting game fan, but Mortal Kombat seems to be one of the few game series I always get (even the mediocre games that came out after MK3). Part of that comes from Mortal Kombat being the first "Mature" game I wanted to play. I can remember seeing the first commercial for Mortal Kombat on TV and needing to track it down. I had played Street Fighter 2 quite a bit before it, but the special moves in MK where just so much more interesting to me. I still think that there are few, if any, moves that are as effective and as brutal as Scorpions spear.