Monday, September 26, 2011

Comic Break (New DC comics week 3) part 2

DC Universe Presents

How I felt before picking it up: I don't really care about Deadman, and the writer on this book (Paul Jenkins) does not always impress me. However, I really like the idea of a book with a rotating cast of leads that focuses on heroes that can not sustain their own titles.

How it read: This book was exactly mediocre. I really didn't hate or love it. It was a decent enough introduction of Deadman, but did not do enough with him to really attract me.

Will I continue to read it: I won't be reading this book while Deadman and this creative team is one it. But I will try it again once that changes.

Green Lantern Corps

How I felt before picking it up: This has always been a book I enjoy. Add in Peter J. Tomasi writing, who has already proven he can write fun Green Lantern Stories, and you have a sure bet.

How it read: This was a fun Green Lantern adventure with some new mystery added to it (seems someone is killing entipre planet polulations). The Green Lanterns Guy Gardner and John Stewart are really fleshed out in the book, and it makes a great introduction to new readers.

Will I continue to read it: I have been reading this book for years. No reason for me to stop anytime soon.

Legion Of Super Heroes

How I felt before picking it up: I really don't care about the Legion. I was already bored to tears reading Legion Lost, and I had zero expectations for this book to impress me.

How it read: I really can't talk about this book. I just don't get it in the slightest. I have no connection with these characters and the world they live in is of no interest to me.

Will I continue to read it: I could barely finish reading this issue. The idea of reading issue 2 is out of the question.


How I felt before picking it up: I love Nightwing, and Kyle Higgins has been proving he is a real up and coming writer (Deathstroke was a nice surprise already). I was a little concerned since Dick Grayson (Nightwing) has been spending the last couple years as Batman and it seems like regressive storytelling for him to become Nightwing again.

How it read: I really liked this book. In the first 5 pages Kyle Higgins sold the idea that Dick Grayson should be Nightwing again. Also this story line seems to be tying into what is happening in Scott Snyders "Batman" (either that or they both have very similar story lines happening). I like that Dick Grayson's old family circus is back in Gotham and it allowed for some great character moments.

Will I continue to read it: I am happy that Nightwing is a great book and I will be reading this for the long haul.

Red Hood and the Outlaws

How I felt before picking it up: I had no expectations for this book a month ago (I really don't care about any of the title characters). But Scott Lobdell wrote a really cool Superboy last week so I now had a reason to think that this book was going to be fun.

How it read: This book is pretty good with one fatal flaw. Redhood and Arsenal are written well and their dynamic of a couple of Anti-heroes works. But Starfire has been turned into a walking talking sex toy. She seems to have no reason to be on the team other than to sleep with the two male leads. He costume and attitude would only work well if this was a pornography. It is sad that one character makes the rest of the book fall flat. It bothers me even more that Superboy has a strong female character in it written by the same writer, so I know he can do better.

Will I continue to read it: I don't care to continue to read this.


How I felt before picking it up: I have read Supergirl before, but this book has been billed as a complete reboot of the character. She is a character that in the right hands can been really fun and engaging. Michael Green and Mike Johnson are a writing team I have never encountered before so I had no expectations of them good or bad.

How it read: This was a nice surprise. It was a great comic for new readers and was really fun too. It was the quickest read of all the titles so far and mostly focused on action and setting up the premise.

Will I continue to read it: I will contiue to read this book, and I hope it gets really good in the future.

Wonder Woman

How I felt before picking it up: I have never read a Wonder Woman comic that I have liked. She is a character that I understand her importance, yet I really don't care about her solo book. However, they have thrown two creators on this book that I really like. Brian Azzarello uis a writer known more for his crime and dark and gritty stories. Cliff Chiang is one of the few artists that can drawn respectable woman making them more than sexual objects.

How it read: This was a really great book. It leans heavily on the Greek myth background that Wonder Woman comes from and that is exactly what interests me. Azzarello has turned this into a horror/mystery book and that might be just the change Wonder Woman needs. The art in this book is also beautiful.

Will I continue to read it: It is strange but I feel like I will be reading Wonder Woman for a long time.

Will Continue reading for a long time
Justice League
Action Comics
Animal Man
Swamp Thing
Demon Knights
Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E.
Green Lantern
Resurrection Man
Green Lantern Corps
Wonder Woman

Will read but might be dropped
Detective Comics (Loved the first issue but can't trust Tony Daniel yet)
Static Shock
Justice League Unlimited
Batman and Robin
Mister Terrific
Red Lanterns
Blue Beetle
Captain Atom (This would up a column is I could trust JT Krul)

Done reading them
Men of War (might be upgraded if there is room)
Green Arrow
Hawk and Dove
Legion Lost
Suicide Squad
Birds of Prey
DC Universe Presents (until the change)
Legion of Superheroes
Redhood and the Outlaws

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